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Honda debuts a slick prototype electric SUV in Shanghai

The SUV E:Prototype is light on details, but heavy on good looks.

We know what it's called and that's about all, but it sure looks good.

The Honda E battery-electric hatchback is one of the coolest little EVs on the market today. Unfortunately for us in the US, it's not something we're likely to ever see at our friendly local Honda dealers, but that won't necessarily be the case for future Honda EVs.

The Honda SUV E:Prototype, which debuted Monday at the Shanghai Motor Show, looks like it would stand a much better chance of making it to the US -- if it makes it to production, of course.

While the Honda E is a small, electric city car with relatively low range, the E:Prototype looks like a prototypical (not sorry) crossover SUV. We don't know anything about it, other than that it looks cool and it's packing the third generation of a connectivity feature called Honda Connect, which we don't get here.

Honda has confirmed previously that it will introduce two battery-electric SUVs for the US market in 2024, with plans to have them built in Tennessee by General Motors. 

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