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Honda has 2 electric SUVs coming for 2024, will ride on GM platforms

A Honda executive provided some details on the rumored SUVs we heard about earlier this year.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Honda SUV E Concept
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Honda SUV E Concept

The company showed this concept off for China, but perhaps it hints at what we'll see, too.


Honda's first mainstream electric vehicles for the US are starting to take shape. After a January report naming two EVs coming for America from the Japanese automaker, the Associated Press reported Thursday on remarks from an executive confirming the plans. Dave Gardner, Honda America's sales boss, said confirmed details from the past report saying one EV will be for Honda, and the other will be for Acura.

He further confirmed these two EVs will roll on General Motors' EV architecture and should launch for 2024. Honda confirmed the information with Roadshow, which lines up pretty squarely with the report a couple months ago.

If the GM tie sounds odd, recall Honda and the US' largest automaker partnered to create a North American alliance. The buddy system will see GM and Honda share technology, platforms and related EV systems. So far, it seems like Honda's the biggest beneficiary with plans to use GM platforms and even toss OnStar into the co-created vehicles. Gardner said while the EVs' bones will be GM, the bodies riding atop will be all Honda, however.

He didn't speak to where these new SUVs will be built, but the past report mentioned Mexico and the US. Specifically, the Acura model may roll out alongside Cadillac XT6, XT5 and company in Tennessee. Meanwhile, the Honda could slot into the Mexican production line where GM builds the Chevrolet Blazer and more.

Honda previously told Roadshow we'll learn more about its electrification strategy for the US later this year, but according to AP, those plans include a push to offer an electrified version for each of its best-selling vehicles. We've already seen that begin with the latest CR-V. And the automaker currently sells the Clarity EV in limited fashion. These two SUVs will most definitely target a far larger audience than the Clarity, however.

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