Watch Honda's 190-hp Mean Mower cut the grass at Goodwood

It's more exciting than watching the grass *grow,* I promise.

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Honda's Mean Mower V2 is a hardcore motorcycle turned into a go-kart and made to look and function like a lawnmower. When you have a lot of grass that needs cutting -- and I mean a lot -- it's the easiest way to finish the job in a hurry.

Ahead of the Mean Mower V2's debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Honda put its mower to work trimming the lawn at the Duke of Richmond's estate so everything looks neat and tidy for the event. With 190 horsepower at its disposal, and an alleged max lawn-cutting speed of about 50 mph, I can't imagine it took long to accomplish.

Built to reclaim the world record for the fastest lawnmower, the Mean Mower V2 borrows its 1.0-liter I4 from the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP. It also relies on other Fireblade driveline components like the clutch, ECU and six-speed transmission. The first iteration of the Mean Mower achieved a world record at 116.575 mph, but this time around, Honda is aiming to break the 150-mph barrier. Carbon fiber blades take care of the trimming.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is just as exciting as the Mean Mower. A weekend-long hill climb event, viewers the world over will get to watch a wide variety of new and old vehicles make the mile-or-so run up the hill. This year, we're getting some wild entries, including Siemens' autonomous '68 Ford Mustang. If you're not in England, you can head over to Goodwood's website to livestream the whole event.

Mow your lawn in record time with the Honda Mean Mower

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