Honda's new Mean Mower aims to break the 150-mph barrier

That should be easy with over 190 hp at its disposal.

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Honda Mean Mower
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Honda Mean Mower

Lawns the world over have retreated in fear.


After showing off its naked chassis in March, Honda is finally ready to reveal its latest hot-rod lawnmower, and it's every bit as awesome as you might think.

In an attempt to break its own 2014 record for the fastest lawn mower (even though that's since been beaten), Honda and its partners have created the second iteration of the Mean Mower. It sports a lightweight frame and the 1.0-liter I4 from a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP, which puts out about 190 horsepower. It also uses the Fireblade's clutch, ECU, six-speed transmission and LCD display.

But it doesn't look like a sport bike, it looks like a mower. To achieve that, Honda used the body panels, front end and grass box from a HF 2622 riding mower and fitted it over the chassis. The wildest part is that it can still cut grass, thanks to a cutter deck with carbon fiber blades, powered by electric motors and two batteries. Most of the rest of the Mean Mower was made from scratch, since this isn't exactly a common thing.

With more than twice the power of the last Mean Mower, Honda isn't just looking to beat its previous record -- it wants to obliterate it. Honda is targeting a max velocity of 150 mph this time around, a far cry from last record's 116.575-mph top speed. Driving a full-size car at 150 mph is harrowing enough. I can't imagine trying it on a heavily modified riding mower.

Sliding behind the wheel for the record attempt is Jess Hawkins, a kart and car racer who currently stunt-drives for the Fast & Furious Live touring show. 

Mow your lawn in record time with the Honda Mean Mower

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