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GM's Super Bowl commercial features Will Ferrell and a hatred for Norway

What the hell does this have to do with Norway? Electric cars, people.

GM Super Bowl ad teaser
General Motors

Numerous companies plan to sit out the Super Bowl this year when it comes to the other portion of entertainment: the commercials. Not General Motors, though. The automaker on Monday revealed a few teasers of its big game ad and it involves Will Ferrell and a serious feeling of detest for Norway. You know, Norway, the country tucked in toward the top of Europe that shares a border with Sweden.

Super Bowl, General Motors, Will Ferrell, Norway. To anyone who doesn't pore over studies and dig deep into the automotive industry, this would seem seriously out there. But it's not. Recall if you will, GM is hell-bent on making electric cars the norm and revealed last week its goals to sell only EVs by 2035. It has 30 new EVs coming within four years and GM, to its core, believes the future is electric.

This is where Norway comes into play. Over the past six years, Norway became a leader in EV adoption. Per capita, the chilly European country has more electric vehicles on its roads than anywhere in the world. Don't take my word for it, see what the Norwegian Institute for Transport Economics says. You can read all about the country's efforts to boost EV adoption over the years, which includes incentives. The most important effort, though, are Norway's seriously stiff taxes on gasoline-powered cars these days. In other words, the decision to adopt EVs isn't because Norwegians are particularly "green," it's because it saves them a boatload of cash.

Now, I say all of this because I have a feeling this is where GM's going with its Super Bowl ad as it rolls out the company's "Everybody In" marketing message for EVs. If it's not, then I have no clue why the automaker probably paid top dollar to have Ferrell in an ad moaning about Norway. But this is a good guess. We'll see the full ad during the game on Feb. 7 and learn the final answer.

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