Germany to mandate EV chargers at all gas stations

Electric car owners won't need to worry about range anxiety if there's a charging station at every place to fill up a traditional car.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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ChargePoint EV charging station
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ChargePoint EV charging station

Gas stations in Germany will look a lot different.


Germany will take a bold step forward and require every gas station in the country to also install electric car charging stations as well.

Reuters reported Thursday the requirement is included in a $146 billion economic recovery plan that's come about in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to move quicker to transition drivers from polluting vehicles and to zero-emission cars. In fact, the stimulus package will include new taxes for those that purchase SUVs with an internal-combustion engine.

On the other hand, the package also calls for a new $6,800 (at current exchange rates) subsidy toward the cost of an electric vehicle. In the US, the federal government will dish out up to $7,500 in a tax credit for EV buyers, though as automakers reach a certain number of EVs sold, the credit enters a sunset period. GM and Tesla were the first to reach the cap.

Charging infrastructure has been a well-documented issue car buyers express when mulling over an EV purchase. With too few stations, "range anxiety" ensues, or the fear a driver won't have a place to charge their car if the battery runs out of juice.

However, private companies and automakers themselves have worked to remedy the problem with new charging networks across the US and globally. Numerous automakers partnered for the Ionity network in Europe that will accept any EV regardless of make. Through 2020, the Ionity network should boast 400 chargers total, though the end goal is a charger for every 75 miles of European highway.

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