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General Motors' New EV Education Site Features Live 1-on-1 Tours

GM aims to educate the curious and the skeptical about electric cars via a new informational portal and live, one-on-one sessions with EV specialists.

GM EV Live specialist holds charging cable near Cadillac Lyriq EV
You'll be able to interact virtually with GM's EV specialists via the new educational portal.
General Motors

General Motors announced this week that it's launching a new electric vehicle education portal called EV Live. The website will feature information about the various benefits of EV adoption and, most interestingly, pair users with live specialists who can answer their questions.

GM's been rocking down to Electric Avenue for a while now. Its Bolt EV and Bolt EUV are well-established as two of the most affordable electric cars on the market today. The GMC Hummer SUV and pickup are starting to roll out, the Cadillac Lyriq and Chevy Silverado EV are right around the corner and the automaker just pulled the wraps off of the upcoming Blazer EV and luxurious Celestiq. With such a diverse lineup of electric cars, trucks and SUVs, GM is beginning to look outside of the normal EV early adopter and tech enthusiast crowd to help accelerate EV adoption.

The automaker's new EV Live portal aims to help educate the EV-curious and the skeptical about various aspects and benefits of electric cars. You can access the site via desktop or mobile browsers to learn about EV range, home and public charging options and battery technology, as well as maintenance, cost and environmental benefits.

The most interesting element of EV Live is the live one-on-one video product tours with EV specialists who can answer questions and point out features in real time. Tours are totally free -- even if you're not necessarily in the market for an EV right now -- pending availability, and can be scheduled any day of the week from 9 a.m. ET to midnight, with shorter hours on the weekend.

The EV Live portal is accessible via mobile or desktop browsers.

General Motors

GM's EV specialists will use two-way audio and one-way video equipment, so they will be able to hear and talk to but not see the customer -- and can also answer questions via real-time text chat should you prefer. Later this year, GM plans to add group tours and, further down the line, prerecorded tours for users who don't want or need to talk to a live human specialist.

The EV Live portal is designed to help GM educate future EV customers one at a time, but the automaker also plans to draw on the platform to help prepare its dealers and employees for the inbound wave of EVs. GM also thinks its fleet customers -- like municipalities interested in Blazer EV police cars or commercial customers looking into Brightdrop delivery vans -- utilities and other third-party collaborators will also potentially benefit as the platform grows.