Formula Drift now has an electric Camaro race car and it totally shreds

The Napoleon Motorsports EL1 Camaro is competing in the 2019 season of Formula D.

Even though electric vehicles are relatively commonplace on the highways and byways of America, they remain relatively uncommon on our race tracks. Sure, Formula E is starting to be a thing, and people are shredding time attacks and autocross events in Teslas, but loud cars powered by dead dinosaurs still dominate motorsport.

That could be changing, at least in the world of drifting. See, drifting -- in case you've been living under a rock for the last 10 years -- is the sport where drivers expertly slide their cars around a circuit in tandem with another driver. It's kind of like figure skating, but with tire smoke.

The thing about drifting is that the runs are relatively short and torque is king, both things that pretty much scream electric motors. The folks from Napoleon Motorsports thought so too, so they took a new Camaro, ripped its gas-powered guts out and installed an electric drivetrain with 500 horsepower and 800 foot-pounds of torque, and they're campaigning it during this season of Formula Drift.

It's pretty awesome. So awesome that the loud internet people from Donut Media decided to go and check this "EL-1" out in person and film it. The video is packed to the gills with memes but it's rad and informative. Check it out and start cruising Craigslist for crashed EVs and weird sports cars like we do.