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Tesla Model 3 Performance booted from podium at Global Time Attack

Despite placing second overall at the event, another driver complained that electricity was not an approved fuel.

The Tesla Model 3 is quick and surprisingly at home on a race track, particularly in Performance trim. So much so, that one just managed to take second place in its class at a Global Time Attack Super Lap event at Buttonwillow Raceway in California -- except technically it didn't. We'll explain.

The driver of one of the other cars in the event lodged a complaint against the driver of the Model 3, citing the fact that electricity wasn't listed as one of the approved fuels in the event rules. If that sounds like a crappy thing to do to someone who is faster than you, it is.

The video of the Tesla from the event is pretty impressive and was posted by Sasha Anis of Mountain Pass Performance, whose work developing performance suspension and brake components for the Model 3 we've covered already.

The Mountain Pass-equipped car was also running Tesla's new Track Mode, and Sasha gives a pretty decent explainer in the video on how it works, as well as some commentary on what happened after the other driver complained.