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Ford will turn Bronco reservations into orders starting Jan. 20

From there, reservation holders will only have until March 19 to get a 2021 model.

2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door
It's nearly time, folks.

The launch of Ford's reimagined Bronco SUV last year was a big deal, and it really captured the public's attention. As a result, Ford soon found itself inundated with reservations for the retro-inspired off-roader.

Soon, those reservation holders will have the opportunity to convert their reservations into actual vehicle orders, according to an announcement by Ford, sent on Wednesday. The order process will start on Jan. 20 and be managed by the customer's preferred dealer. There's a catch, though.

See, Ford is only giving reservation holders two months (until March 19, specifically) to select their dealer, finalize their order and come to an agreement on selling price with said dealer, lest they get bumped to a 2022 model year, rather than a 21.

Those prospective buyers who do get their affairs settled in time to meet the deadline can expect to start receiving communication from Ford as to the build timeline (which is itself dependent on reservation number, trim and model, etc.) and the allotted number of Broncos their dealer can expect to receive.

Now, it's not all bad news for those reservation holders who choose to wait until 2022. Ford says there will be new paint codes, roof options, special editions and more to choose from, along with a more extended production period. 

Lastly, Ford confirmed that there would be no dealer stock for the 2021 Bronco. This isn't terribly surprising, considering the demand for the vehicle and Ford's commitment to filling reservations.

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