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Ford highlights performance, capability of Mustang-inspired electric SUV

The storytelling coincides with one of Ford's latest goals: bust myths surrounding electric vehicles.

Prototype Ford Mustang-inspired electric SUV
It's the Mustang-inspired SUV in the snow!

Ford is closing in on its self-imposed launch date for its Mustang-inspired electric SUV. The automaker has long said we'll see the car launch in 2020, which means a debut is likely approaching quickly -- perhaps at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Before the big shebang, Ford announced a new campaign that runs parallel with its forthcoming electric vehicle: The company wants to bust a myth or two about electric cars. On Thursday, Ford revealed results from a global survey that showed the majority of drivers still harbor numerous misconceptions about electric vehicles. To help set the record straight, Ford provided a couple videos showing a camouflaged prototype for the Mustang-inspired electric SUV. One focuses on performance, while the other highlights the EV strutting its stuff in the snow.

On the performance side of things, the Ford survey showed 90% of Americans and European didn't think quick acceleration is a benefit associated with electric cars. The Blue Oval didn't mince words with where the misconception came from. The first electrified vehicles from numerous automakers were mostly made to comply with regulations. Performance was, basically, put on the back burner.

Not for this upcoming electric SUV, though. The video above shows the Ford Performance team in the simulator and then in the real world testing the SUV. Judging by the grins on engineers' faces, the Mustang-inspired SUV won't disappoint.

The other major takeaway from the survey surrounded operating EVs in the cold and snow. According to the survey, 80% of Americans said they wouldn't choose an electric car for extreme weather and 65% wouldn't choose one for all-wheel drive needs. Ford underscored that its first electric vehicle will not only house a large battery to service the needs of long distances, but it will also have smart software to maximize range. Not to mention, the Mustang-inspired EV has been testing in both extreme heat and cold temperatures to see how the battery performs in the real world. How cold? -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is the first time Ford decided to show off its prototype vehicle for the electric SUV, but we shouldn't read too much into it. Most of the exterior is clearly made from the company parts bin. The end result is something of an outgoing-generation Escape on stilts. Yet, the fact the company is showing the car now does lend credibility to rumors of a teaser or perhaps debut in November.

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