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Ford Mach-E electric SUV: American and European launches to coincide

In Europe, Norway will get first dibs on the EV.

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Noway loves its EVs.


The Ford Mustang is about as American as it gets when it comes to the US auto industry, but Ford's latest electric pony to join the lineup won't be exclusive to the US to start.

No, instead, Europe will also get its hands on the Ford Mustang Mach-E at the same time. Ford told Roadshow after reports the electric SUV would launch in Europe first that the launch will be simultaneous "in both the US and key European markets late this year."

Norway will have specific European priority when it comes to the electric SUV's availability on the continent. It's unclear if other European countries will also see the Mustang Mach-E first before it lands in the US.

Norway holds an incredible lead among other European countries when it comes to electric-car adoption. According to the Road Traffic Information Council, EVs made up 44.2% of all new car sales in Norway in 2019. Plug-in hybrids made up another 13.6%. The overall majority of new cars sold in the country are electrified. All this lends credibility to Ford's decision on Mustang Mach-E availability.

The first batch of the electric SUVs aren't too far along now. The first production cars will be in owners' hands by the fourth quarter of this year as Mach E production ramps up in Mexico. Every trim will be available for sale save for the GT model, which will show up later in spring 2021.

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Originally published Feb. 11.
Updates, Feb. 11: Adds Ford statement; Feb. 12: Adds more information from Ford and corrects vehicle's launch timeline.