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Ford F-150 Lightning storms to 100,000 reservations, report says

The overwhelming interest in an electric pickup truck shouldn't be surprising, but it's definitely exciting.

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro
The interest in Ford's electric F-150 is even bigger than many expected.

Ford's first fully electric pickup, the 2022 F-150 Lightning, has quite a few fans ready to plop down cold, hard cash, according to a Thursday report from the Detroit Free Press. The newspaper said the electric truck now has 100,000 reservations to its name. That's not an insignificant number, and surely, the truck's price doesn't hurt.

Ford confirmed the reservation figure and clarified this number is valid as of this past Tuesday. The last official update we heard, the Blue Oval snagged 70,000 reservations for its electric truck.

For context, according to sales tracking site GoodCarBadCar, Ford sold 787,372 F-Series pickups in total in 2020, which includes both F-150s and Super Duty models. Even though it's unlikely that Ford will turn all of its reservations into sales when all is said and done, that's still a big chunk of its yearly sales volume.

If you want to snag yourself a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning reservation, it's as easy as visiting the Lightning reservations website, putting in some personal information and giving Ford $100 (which is fully refundable if you change your mind). After that, it's time to play the waiting game, along with 100,000-plus other people.

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