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Ford Explorer recalled for roof-rail covers that could fly off

Yeah, no one needs roof-rail covers soaring off the SUV while other motorists are driving behind.

2018 Ford Explorer
Whoopsie, that's no good.

Owners of 2016-2019 Ford Explorer SUVs may soon receive a letter for a new recall regarding the vehicle's roof-rail covers. According to documents Ford filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last Wednesday, the automaker needs to see 616,967 Explorers to ensure the fixtures won't fly off while driving.

According to the documents, the fixtures' retention pins may loosen over time, and if that happens, the covers are clear for take-off while driving. Unexpected debris flying off an Explorer at other motorists increases the risk of a crash and threatens safety. The specific SUV trims that may feature the faulty roof-rail covers are the base model, XLT and Sport trims. This recall also covers Explorer police pursuit vehicles.

Should you receive a recall notice, you'll need to take your vehicle to a Ford dealer where a technician will replace any damaged clips and rail covers. Affected SUVs will also get new push pins and all work will be covered at no cost to owners. Ford plans to begin the notification process June 28.