Ford's new Police Interceptors are its fastest and most efficient ever

With an available EcoBoost V6 and a top speed of 150 miles per hour, the new cop-spec explorer is no joke.

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Kyle Hyatt
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The new 2020 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor is faster, quicker and more efficient than the model it replaces (and we want one).


Here's the thing, as a civilian I'm always bummed when manufacturers announce new police-spec versions of their vehicles, because they are typically cool as hell, and as a pleb, they're forbidden fruit. Never has that forbidden fruit looked sweeter than with new 2020 Interceptor Utility-package Explorer, which the auto-maker announced Thursday.

First of all, Ford claims that this Interceptor, with its available EcoBoost V6, is its fastest cop car pretty much ever. It says it'll do 150 miles per hour and, thanks to all-wheel drive, its 0-60 and 0-100 miles per hour sprints are shorter than any other cop-spec car from the Blue Oval.

Oh, did we mention that the Explorer Interceptor Utility is also available as a hybrid? Yep, so in exchange for only being a little slower (137 mph), it returns a combined 24 miles per gallon. Ford says that will end up saving Jane and John Q. Public around $3,500 per vehicle per year in fuel costs, compared to the 3.7-liter V6 in the current Interceptor.

The Interceptor also gets some trick stuff on the interior. Ford is adding around $2,000 in standard features to the cop-spec Explorer, including a built-in modem with two years of Ford Telematics included, as well as LED lighting and four programmable steering wheel switches.

Municipalities can order their 2020 Explorer Interceptor Utility models starting now, with deliveries beginning next summer. The rest of us will have to wait a few years until they start hitting police auctions before we can start living out our cop car fantasies.

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