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Ford previews Explorer Hybrid with new Police Interceptor Utility

The hybrid-powered police SUV will go into production in May 2019.

Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid
Ford's announcement of a hybrid-powered police SUV leads us to believe an electrified Explorer is on the way, and soon.

Ford is committed to offering electrified versions of every new SUV in its North American lineup, and that apparently starts with the Explorer. Well, sort of.

Today, Ford confirmed plans to offer a new Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid -- an electrified version of the Explorer-based police SUV. Specific powertrain details aren't available as of this writing, Ford's press release only saying the hybrid batteries "are specially placed inside the vehicle to so they do not compromise passenger or cargo space" and that "the Police Interceptor Utility hybrid is expected to have a projected EPA-estimated combined label of at least 24 mpg -- approximately 40 percent improvement over the current 3.7-liter V6."

The Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid will go into production in May 2019.


These shadowy images clearly show a lights-ablaze police SUV, but look closely -- this is an all-new Ford Explorer. Ford confirmed as much to Roadshow today, which lines up with earlier reports that suggest a redesigned SUV will launch for the 2020 model year.

"We're going to talk about Explorer later," a Ford spokesperson told Roadshow. "Other than confirming it's a hybrid, we have no additional details to share today."

Police agencies will be able to order the new Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid this summer, and the vehicles will go into production in May 2019. "We'll be able to confirm more powertrain details closer to that date," Ford said.