Nissan GT-R Pursuit 23 brings your Copzilla nightmares to life

Dead or alive, you're getting pulled over.

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Tim Stevens
Nissan GT-R Pursuit 23
Nick Miotke/Roadshow

We all dread seeing the red and blue lights of our city's finest shining in the rear view mirror, but catching a glimpse of this car flashing behind you is likely to inspire more primal fears. It's called Pursuit 23, a Nissan GT-R that is one of the most evil-looking project cars I have ever seen.

Commissioned by Nissan ahead of the upcoming New York Auto Show, this GT-R has received a menacing black wrap and about as many lights as one could possibly fit, including LEDs within the NACA ducts on the hood. A gigantic rear wing hangs from the trunk and a set of adjustable coilover dampers mean this thing is properly slammed.

Nissan's GT-R Pursuit 23 is one badass cop car

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The "Skyline Metro" on the graphics is a nod to the Nissan Skyline, the car that first saw the GT-R badge way back in the late '60s. The 23, meanwhile, is a reference to the pronunciation for the Japanese characters for "two" and "three" -- "ni" and "san".

Thankfully, this is just a one-off, not intended for active duty in any police force. However, if you're in New York around the Auto Show next week you might just see it making the rounds. You know what that means: Better watch those speed limits, citizen.