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After 52 years, Santa still digs the Ford Bronco

In 1968, Santa paid a visit to see the Bronco. Years later, Ford invited the big guy in the red suit to see the latest SUV.

Ford Bronco Santa photo
The new Bronco sure takes a lot of inspiration from the first one.

Who doesn't love finding cool old stuff? Ford just so happened to find a timely photo for the holiday season that it decided to share as we celebrate the holidays and Christmas quickly approaches.

On Thursday, Ford revealed a never-before-seen photo from 1968 that shows Santa paying a visit to see the first-generation Bronco. Specifically, according to the automaker, this was a fun photo taken during cold-room testing back in the day. Ted Ryan, the company's heritage and archives manager, believes the photo was supposed to be included in a biweekly, internal Ford newspaper. For some reason, it never made it in.

Ford simply wanted to show us something fun this holiday season, but the Blue Oval took it a step further and actually recreated the picture with the 2021 Bronco. It's nice to see the company having a good time with the hotly anticipated SUV. Remember, it's not coming this spring as originally intended: Roadshow was first to report the Bronco will now launch in summer of 2021, due to supplier issues. Bronco fans will surely take every ounce of news and every photograph of the SUV they can leading up until launch.

And with the photo's reveal, we now know what Santa uses in the snowiest parts of the world when the going gets rough. He trades in the reindeer for something more capable: a Bronco.

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