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Ford Bronco pickup shows up in teaser sketches

The Bronco is here, but it increasingly seems like Ford also wants to build a Bronco pickup.

The 2021 Ford Bronco cometh this summer, but what awaits the highly anticipated SUV? Maybe a pickup truck version. In a new video highlighting the SUV's design, Ford snuck in a handful of teasers that absolutely show a Bronco with a truck bed, first spotted by Motor1. How do we know it's a Bronco? To start, it looks like one. Secondly, a big ol' surfboard in the back reads "Bronco."

The sketches, if anything, show what's on Ford designers' minds as they more than likely take a serious look at a Bronco pickup. Trucks are popular these days, if you haven't heard. One sketch shows a fold-down tailgate, while others detail the separate cab area and some storage. To be clear, the video focuses on the time Ford was actively designing the SUV, so it's not clear if these were proposals then, or if the sketches made their way in for another reason -- like to tease another Bronco variant. These kinds of things don't find their way to the public without reason.


That sure looks like a Bronco pickup to us.


This isn't the first time we heard about a Bronco pickup, either. According to a report by Automobile this past July, Ford wants to find to challenge the Jeep Gladiator with its own pickup. A pickup and SUV would give it a full arsenal to challenge Jeep. There is the real threat that such a vehicle could steal thunder from Ford's F-150 and Ranger, though. The Bronco pickup would really need to look and feel like a different machine to make the premium we all know Ford would ask for it reasonable.

The report pegs the Bronco pickup as going into production sometime in 2024. That means that the Gladiator will have the market more or less to itself for another five years, but that could give fans the opportunity to step into something fresh compared to the Gladiator. Ford declined to comment on the idea of a Bronco pickup, so we'll have to hold out and see if such a truck comes to life.

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