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This Ford Bronco could arrive before the real SUV this summer

Ford pushed Bronco production back to this coming summer, so perhaps Maisto's new Bronco scale model can tide you over.

2021 Ford Bronco Maisto model
The detail is great, and Cyber Orange is rad.

Yes, the 2021 Ford Bronco is delayed, and it's not coming until the summer, rather than Ford's original targeted spring launch date. However, Maisto may have just the thing to keep fans satisfied until the real deal shows up. On Monday, the company well known for its lovely scale models of cars debuted its 2021 Bronco 1:24 model.

The company showed off the new model SUV in Area 51 blue, cyber orange and carbonized gray -- all true Ford colors for the upcoming off-road SUV. This particular Bronco model also happens to be the Bronco Badlands trim. I think the Wildtrak trim would be cooler, but that's picking nits. And who knows, we could see Maisto do more of these in the future. I have a feeling they'll become quite the popular trinket for fans.

What we don't know is when Maisto plans to open orders for the scale models. The company did not immediately respond when asked when we can expect to see them available for purchase. We also don't know how much one will set fans back, but after so much hype and patience, Maisto shouldn't have any problem selling every single one of them.

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