Ferrari to build Le Mans Hypercar, race for top honors in 2023

Count Ferrari in for the top spec at Le Mans for the first time in 50 years.

The Prancing Horse is headed back to Le Mans for outright victory.
Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Throw some confetti: Ferrari is heading back to Le Mans to challenge for outright victory at Circuit de la Sarthe for the first time in over 50 years. On Wednesday, the Italian marque confirmed that it's building a Le Mans Hypercar.

"In over 70 years of racing, on tracks all over the world, we led our closed-wheel cars to victory by exploring cutting-edge technological solutions: innovations that arise from the track and make every road car produced in Maranello extraordinary," Ferrari President John Elkann said. "With the new Le Mans Hypercar program, Ferrari once again asserts its sporting commitment and determination to be a protagonist in the major global motorsport events."

Ferrari 512M at Le Mans in 1972

This was the last time Ferrari participated in the top class at Le Mans, 1971, with the 512M.


Unfortunately, Ferrari didn't release a sketch or rendering of the hypercar to come and kept the initial announcement light on finer details. However, the Hypercar class regulations keep the competing cars to 670 horsepower and a weight of around 2,270 pounds. Entrants must run an electrified powertrain, making these supercars hybrids, and the front axle's mandatory motor-generator can supply up to 268 hp on its own.

Furthermore, you'll be able to buy one, if you have the means. In addition to meeting the above regulations, companies and automakers must homologate the vehicle and build at least 25 production cars.

With Ferrari officially in the game, the Hypercar class just became incredibly more interesting. Ferrari built its reputation on racing glory, and seeing it return to the top ranks of the World Endurance Championship is, frankly, very exciting. The last time Ferrari challenged for an outright win at Le Mans was back in 1971. We'll see the upcoming Ferrari hypercar hit the grid in 2023 and learn more details about the car and its future drivers in the months to come. Meanwhile, ToyotaPeugeot and US-based Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus each plan their own entries as well.

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