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Faraday Future's next big hire is from Apple, of all places

Apple's "special projects" division is finally on the other end of one of these stories, for once.

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The FFZero1 is neat and all, but it's not the consumer-friendly EV many were hoping for.

Faraday Future

It seems that with each new week comes new hires for Apple and Faraday Future. While the tech giant continues work on its top-secret Project Titan, and while the plucky EV startup keeps working to develop a consumer-ready vehicle, the two companies have picked up several big hires. Rarely do we see people leaving one group for the other, but that's what's happening this time around.

Bart Nabbe, an expert in vehicle autonomy and computer vision, has left Apple's special projects department and moved over to Faraday Future, Electrek reports. He will assume the role of Director of Strategic Partnerships, which is a role that sounds a bit outside Nabbe's wheelhouse, but it would be strange if his expertise weren't put to use.

Nabbe's been quite the busy character. He's published several papers on computer vision and how it relates to vehicle autonomy, and he also spent some time at Toyota as a research scientist. Exactly the kind of person, then, you'd want working on a new-vehicle project. Neither Apple nor Faraday Future immediately returned a request for comment.

Faraday Future rolled out its first concept vehicle, the FFZero1 hypercar, at CES earlier this year. It was a bit of a letdown, since everybody was hoping for something rooted in reality. As for Apple, well, nobody really knows what's going on. It could be working on a car, or it could be developing an entire service, akin to Uber or Lyft.