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Apple hires former QNX CEO, may suggest shift in auto strategy

Insider sources told Bloomberg that Apple might be focusing more on software than an actual, physical automobile now.

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The wait is killing us. What the hell is going on with Project Titan?! Come on, Apple, throw us a bone, or a seed, or whatever fits the metaphor.

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Until Apple actually comes out and says, "Here's what we're doing with cars," the media will continue to make wild guesses as to what its secret project entails. The rumor mill has been at full steam lately, and it's bound to stay that way with Apple's latest hire.

The tech giant acquired the services of Dan Dodge earlier this year, Bloomberg reports. Dodge is a former CEO of QNX, BlackBerry's automotive-software division. He'll be part of the team that reports to yet another recent hire, Bob Mansfield, a former Apple hardware executive.

According to Bloomberg's sources, this hiring points to a shift in Apple's automotive strategy, apparently codenamed Project Titan. Those sources claim that Apple's shifting its focus from hardware (a car) to autonomous software development, which means Apple's efforts could be used in cars other than its own.

Of course, we have our own ideas as to what Apple's up to. Thanks to an investment in Didi Chuxing, a Chinese Uber rival, Roadshow's editor-in-chief Tim Stevens thinks Apple could be deploying an autonomous ridesharing service. Given Apple's continued silence on the matter, there'll likely be plenty more conjecture before we figure out what's actually going on.