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Faraday Future

A big get: Faraday Future hires former GM electric vehicle bigwig

Peter Savagian will become Faraday's VP of Propulsion Engineering.

Everyone expected Faraday to roll out a concept with some basis in reality. Instead, we got this.

Faraday Future

Faraday Future, a startup devoted to bringing the EV fight to Tesla, doesn't have much in the way of product, aside from one concept car. But what it does have is a wealth of talented personnel from various corners of the auto industry. And its human portfolio has expanded once again with some top talent hailing from GM.

Faraday Future has hired Peter Savagian to fill the role of VP of Propulsion Engineering, which means he will be in charge of the company's powertrain engineering efforts. Electrek notes that the job change was confirmed when Savagian changed his LinkedIn profile. Savagian joins a team featuring a number of his previous coworkers from General Motors.

Savagian's experience at GM runs deep. He was involved in EV programs for the better part of two decades, and he was even a chief engineer for the EV1 program before it was closed down. That's the kind of experience a startup would want when building its first electric car.

This is just the latest high-profile hire from the Chinese-backed startup. Faraday's already hired a former Ferrari North America CEO, as well as several members of Tesla's team. It's kind of like Apple's Project Titan in that we know there's plenty of talent there, but we're still not exactly sure what's going to come of it.

Faraday Future's only unveiling was at CES in January. Everybody thought it would roll out a concept that presaged an affordable electric car, as the company had promised. Instead, we were given the FFZERO1, a hypercar concept that has nearly no basis in reality. While the need to impress was strong, the media was a bit underwhelmed at the sight of yet another whimsical machine. I'm looking forward to seeing something a bit more rooted in reality in the next year or two.

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