EVgo, Maven Gig team up for exclusive fast-charging network

The chargers will only be available for Maven Gig users in Bolt EVs, with safeguards to prevent misuse.

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Now, you won't need to tell that pesky Leaf owner to shove off so you can keep working.


If you rely on a fully charged EV to produce income, driving past row upon row of occupied chargers must be a bit frustrating -- if you can even find any to begin with. EVgo and Maven think they have the answer to that.

Charging-network company EVgo has teamed up with Maven, GM's in-house car-sharing operation, to create a network of dedicated EV fast chargers for Maven Gig users. This new network will exist everywhere Maven Gig does, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Baltimore and Austin.

The chargers will be accessible only to Maven Gig users in cities where Maven Gig is supported. Maven Gig drivers will have a specific RFID card that will allow access to the chargers. So, if some average Joe or Jane stumbles across the Maven-specific chargers, they won't be able to use 'em. There will also be signage posted to prevent people from trying in the first place.

As opposed to cordoning off existing chargers and converting them to Maven-only, EVgo will construct new chargers for Maven Gig users. It's a bit of a hit to the EV community at large, as drivers in certain markets will be faced with new chargers they can't use. Networks are still growing, so every extra charger helps. If new chargers are being added, hopefully they will be opened up to regular users in the future.

Maven Gig lets people rent a Chevrolet Bolt EV for use in the gig economy, whether it's driving for a ride-hailing company or delivering groceries to hipsters who can't be bothered to move. Prices start at $229 per week and include free charging, so you'll probably want to be making at least that much to use this service, unless you like cosplaying as Uber and operating at a loss for years on end.

Update, 10:10 a.m. Eastern: Added greater explanation of verification and the charging network.

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