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Elon Musk plans to port Unity and Unreal gaming engines to Teslas

Does this mean a Deus Ex port is coming?

Super Breakout is one of the Atari games available to Tesla owners.
Tesla/Screenshot by CNET

Elon Musk continues to want the Tesla to be more of an entertainment machine. A major graphics upgrade could make the car your gaming controller.

The Telsa CEO tweeted Saturday that the company is in the midst of porting the Unity and Unreal Engine to Teslas so the cars will let you play more games. He also said games can be controlled with the in-car touchscreen, a game controller and even the steering wheel and pedals.

Unity is a multi-platform game engine initially developed for mobile games, but it's since been used for PC and consoles games. Some of the most notable games are Hearthstone, The Room and Cuphead.

The Unreal Engine is one of the mainstays of video game development as it powers a wide array of games. What games will be made available to Tesla owners will depend entirely upon which version of the engine will be ported. The current version is Unreal Engine 4.

Last August, Musk tweeted about the inclusion of Atari Easter eggs in the Tesla V9.0 release. The TeslaAtari games included classics such as Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command. Super Breakout and 2048 were added to the list of games back in April.  

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