Elon Musk once offered to sell Tesla to Apple but couldn't get a meeting

The funny thing is, this happened just a few years ago.

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Who has two thumbs and couldn't sell his company to Apple? This guy!

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It's no secret that the development and production ramp were difficult for Tesla. It was also a tough time for Tesla CEO Elon Musk . We know this because he talked about how difficult it was on a fairly regular basis. We didn't realize that Musk approached Apple boss Tim Apple (sorry, Cook) to see if he might be interested in purchasing Tesla during that time.

Shocking, right? Especially now, with Tesla's value existing comfortably in the stratosphere, but here's the kicker: Apple didn't even accept Musk's request for a meeting -- or at least that's what Musk said on Twitter on Tuesday. He also said he was planning to offer the company for one-tenth of its current value or somewhere in the neighborhood of $6 billion.

This comment came about as part of a discussion on Apple's allegedly renewed effort to build its own electric and autonomous car, as reported originally by Reuters. The Apple car is said to be destined for a 2025 launch and uses lithium-iron-phosphate batteries.

Meanwhile, Tesla is working to build its Austin, Texas Cybertruck factory and its German Gigafactory as well as ramp up Chinese production of its crossover. It also continues to develop its "Full Self-Driving" technology and new battery technologies as outlined in its Battery Day presentation earlier this year.

Apple didn't immediately return Roadshow's request for comment, and Tesla no longer has a PR department, so yeah, nothing but crickets there. 

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