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Elon Musk's Boring Company tunnels 'likely' will extend throughout Las Vegas

According to Musk, who replied to another Twitter user, we could see Boring Company tunnels at the Las Vegas airport and other downtown locations.

The Boring Company excavates first Vegas loop tunnel
The tunnels for the Las Vegas convention center are complete, but work could start elsewhere.

When Elon Musk isn't overseeing Tesla, he has SpaceX and the Boring Company to head up. While the first two make a lot of news on their own, the Boring Company is only now starting to steal the spotlight in some respects.

And the latest nugget of information could really transform how those in Las Vegas get around the city. Replying to a Twitter user speaking of the possibility Boring Company tunnels could find a place at the Las Vegas airport and other spots around downtown Vegas, the CEO said such projects are "looking likely." Aside from the airport to downtown tunnel loop, tunnels could also make stops at the Wynn resort and Resorts World.

The Boring Company put its wild transportation idea to the test in the real world with a test tunnel. Shortly thereafter, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority selected Musk's pet project to create a tunnel system for the city's convention center. Earlier this year, we learned the Boring Company completed both tunnels for the system that will connect the original center and a newly expanded hall.

Expanding the tunnels to connect the airport and downtown Vegas would be one of the company's largest missions yet. The Boring Company secured work at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport in the past, though news on the project has been quiet. The Vegas tunnels have, by far, attracted the most attention, mostly because they're actually on a path toward completion.

When the first tunnel system opens, scheduled for 2021, riders will board Tesla-based vehicles and travel at speeds up to 155 mph 40 feet underground. Walking the distance in the Las Vegas convention center takes 15 minutes, but a Boring Company ride will cut the trip to just two minutes.

The Boring Company did not immediately return a request for comment.

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