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Electric Chevy pickup truck teased as GM prepares to open the EV floodgates

Not only did General Motors tease the GMC Hummer EV SUV, but it also snuck in the upcoming Chevy pickup powered by a battery.

Electric Chevy pickup teaser
Another electric pickup is on the way.
General Motors

General Motors put its money where its mouth is on Thursday at the Barclays Global Automotive Conference 2020, announcing it will ramp up investments into electric cars to a whopping $27 billion. The cash influx will see 30 new EVs revealed in the next five years, and the automaker sneakily dropped in a look at the upcoming electric Chevrolet pickup truck.

In these screenshots from the presentation's livestream, you can see sitting just behind Travis Hester, GM's head of EVs, is a pickup truck that clearly wears the Chevy brand's bowtie badge. It's honestly far less butch than I would expect for a pickup truck with a rounder front fascia, slim headlights but blocky wheel wells. A second shot confirms this is a pickup as it shows off the bed area a bit, but we don't get a look at the truck's rear end.

Electric Chevy pickup teaser

Yep, that's a truck.

General Motors

It should be more of an affordable, lifestyle kind of pickup from the looks of it, while the GMC Hummer EV handles the super hardcore off-road side of things. That's not to say it won't have some capabilities, but the chances of it boasting, say, CrabWalk Mode are probably slim.

Chevy and GM have been quiet about the pickup truck, but in the past, the automaker said it should do 400 miles on a single charge. During the automaker's conference stream Thursday evening, that figure jumped to 450 miles. GM has made massive investments into its Ultium battery technology, and if it can deliver on those figures, it seems poised for success.

The Chevy pickup wasn't the only new EV coming that we saw, however. The automaker also gave us a clear look at the GMC Hummer EV SUV, which will follow the Hummer EV pickup. And remember, these are only two of 30 new electric cars coming in the next few years. Look for a refreshed Chevy Bolt EV and a Bolt EV-based crossover, called the Bolt EUV, next year in the short term while GM readies this onslaught of electric cars.

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