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Dodge plug-in hybrid coming next year, Jeep EV set for 2023

A product roadmap included in Stellantis' first half of the year financial results spilled the beans on electrified Dodge and Jeep vehicles coming.

Which Dodge will get the PHEV treatment?

We know plugs are coming to every vehicle Stellantis builds and sells in North America, but we have a couple finer details from the automaker's first half of the year financial results, released on Tuesday. According to a slideshow presentation included with the results, Dodge has a plug-in hybrid vehicle coming in 2022, and Jeep's first battery-electric vehicle will land in 2023.

The production roadmap does not say what type of vehicles each brand has planned, but since Jeep only sells SUVs, expect one of those. It could be a Wrangler EV the brand hinted at a handful of times in the past, though a small Jeep EV seems plausible, too. Jeep declined to comment.

As for Dodge, this product is a little more interesting since there are a few options on the table. Today, the brand sells the Charger, Challenger and Durango. That's it. While a Durango hybrid seems like it has a lot of potential, the brand focused on muscle cars and performance could electrify its passenger cars, too. Plopping a hybrid system in either the Charger or Challenger could, foremost, provide even more power. Secondly, it may help prime the brand's audience for a fully electric muscle car Dodge teased during Stellantis' EV Day last month. Dodge said as it prepares more electric cars and hybrid, it will always remain focused on performance. The brand declined to comment on this specific vehicle, but said, "Dodge [is] committed to the future of electrified vehicles. Stay tuned for more information."

Overall, Stellantis plans to launch 11 electric cars and 10 plug-in hybrids in the next two years. We won't see all of them since the automaker covers a lot of grand with its 14 brands spanning North America, Europe and Asia, but by the end of the decade, Stellantis hopes to be a major player in the EV space -- North America included.