Dodge is teasing us with a widebody SRT Charger, and it's driving us mad

We love the Charger in its silly, V8-powered forms, and a widebody version could be the best-looking and handling version yet.

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Kyle Hyatt
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If you've been waiting for a widebody from Dodge , then it looks like that wait is coming to an end soon, according to a teaser video from Dodge posted on YouTube Wednesday.

The teaser isn't long at only 14 seconds, but it manages to reveal a surprising amount of information in that time. First, we can tell that the vehicle is a Charger and the prominent SRT badge on the grille tells us that there may be some Hellcattery or the like afoot.

Next, the wind blowing against the side of the body shows exaggerated fenders, hence widebody and frankly, we're pumped. The Charger Hellcat and Daytona have always been our favorites of the fast Dodge models, and if we can get either with a little extra girth, then we're for it.

In case you need a reminder of what else happens when a Dodge goes widebody, remember that when the Scat Pack got its widebody option, it also got super wide 305-section tires at all four corners, upgraded antiroll bars, stiffer springs and three-mode adaptive dampers. 

These tweaks all work together to make the widebody cars real handlers, even though they weigh as much as a small moon. The Challenger Scat Pack Widebody we tested weighed nearly 600 pounds more than the Mustang GT from Ford , for example.

Still, if big, loud and aggressive -- and maybe just a little bit of dumb and fun -- all rolled into one are your thing, but you still need to haul around a family, then you should get stoked.

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