Damon Hypersport Pro to make its CES debut with BlackBerry-powered safety gear

BlackBerry will host the electric motorcycle's debut at CES next week.

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Perhaps you haven't heard of Damon. It's a startup company that's been around for quite some time, but it's getting around to unleashing a very wild electric motorcycle called the Hypersport Pro.

On Friday, the company shared it will not only reveal the motorcycle at CES 2020, but preorders will open for the machine on Jan. 7. Before you thrown down some hard-earned cash on this thing, it's probably good to know more about it though.

Damon is saving the juicy details about the electric powertrain, but BlackBerry will be onboard. No, there won't be a trackball to maneuver the thing, but instead, the company will power Damon's suite of active safety gear, called CoPilot -- not to be confused with Ford's CoPilot 360. The technology was a major talking point for Damon when it first showed photos of the motorcycle last month and it's very similar to the advanced stuff we see in today's cars.

There's a forward-collision system that sends vibrations through the handle bars, blind spot monitors keep an eye on things and flash warnings on a small aero screen and there's an LCD monitor that provides a feed of the view behind the driver. The Hypersport Pro should be a very fast motorcycle, but also an incredibly safe one, too.

All of the safety wizardry gets its neuro system of sorts from BlackBerry QNX. In part, it's a real-time operating system to keep things running smoothly. It becomes doubly important when tossing in all of these technologies. BlackBerry said it has more news to share about its QNX technology at CES as well.

Following the reveal and order books opening, Damon plans to put its electric beast on the road in mid-2020.

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