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Daimler plans to rename itself Mercedes-Benz in massive company shift to EVs

The automaker also plans to spin off its Daimler trucks and buses business to create two totally independent companies.

Daimler logo
Daimler will become Mercedes-Benz in this proposal.
Picture Alliance/Getty Images

Daimler, the automaker that brings us everything from Mercedes-Benz luxury sedans to Freightliner trucks, plans to make a giant change. On Wednesday, the German auto giant revealed its intentions to break up its business into two separate companies: One for Daimler trucks and busses, and the other for passenger vehicles.

In the process, Daimler as we know it would disappear and emerge as Daimler Truck and Mercedes-Benz. The latter's always been a brand name, not an actual automaker, but Daimler the automaker wants to take on the "Mercedes-Benz" name to better differentiate its future plans. Mercedes-Benz would handle battery-electric cars, associated technologies and vehicle software. Daimler Truck, meanwhile, would pursue zero-emissions solutions for heavy-duty trucks and busses. Truly, it's a massive change.

With the proposal, Daimler Mobility would funnel into its respective parts inside Daimler Truck and Mercedes-Benz, depending on if it's currently part of the cars and vans business, or the trucks and busses part of the operation. And this is still just a proposal right now. However, Daimler's board agreed to evaluate the proposal and prepare for a separate stock listing for the future Daimler Truck business. That's more on the financial side of things, but essentially, the automaker thinks it can unlock way more value by splitting the business into more defined sectors. It's especially true as every automaker prepares to tackle more aggressive emissions regulations around the world and plots an electric era.

Daimler said it will have more to share from its evaluation in the third quarter of this year, but it seems rather likely Daimler's current legacy is coming to a close. 

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