Czinger 21C hypercar wants to put California on the map

The California-based startup plans to show the wild-looking hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show.

Is there room for another hypercar startup? Czinger thinks so. The California-based company on Wednesday revealed the first teasers for its first car called the 21C.

Details are light right now, naturally, but Czinger did give us some basics. To start, this hypercar will boast hybrid power. Whether it's a plug-in or just uses some form of light electrification remains to be seen. The car also boasts some unique construction Czinger plans to talk about at a later date, along with "novel additive manufacturing" technologies.

The looks match the description from the dark teaser photos revealed. It's sort of like an old school race car and a Koenigsegg's lovechild with LMP1 race car-style headlights, but a very futuristic rear. The brake lights are made of a long LED strip that curve upward toward the top, but otherwise, that's all we can make out for now.

Although Czinger didn't show any detailed photos, the car features an in-line seating position. The driver is front and center in the cockpit. It's not entirely clear if there's room onboard for a passenger, but my guess is no, considering this looks like a machine focused on lap times and canyon carving.

Born and bred in California, the hypercar will make the journey to the Geneva Motor Show this March for a full reveal. There, we'll get full details on the powertrain and certainly learn about what makes this performance car so novel. In the meantime, the teaser video does give us a tasty preview of how the 21C sounds.

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