Genovation's Corvette-based electric GXE broke its own speed record

With 800 horsepower of pure electric fury, it did better than 209 mph.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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It looks like a Corvette, but this is nothing like a regular Corvette. This is the Genovation GXE, which boasts 800 horsepower and even comes with a manual transmission. The company behind the car would like us all to know that it has also broken its own top-speed record.

Indeed, this all-electric, street-legal supercar went 210.2 mph at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds located in Merritt Island, Florida. That's better than the previous record the same electric supercar clocked in 2017, when it did 209 mph. The specific record is for the world's fastest street-legal electric car.

The 210-mph run is still short of what Genovation said the GXE would do back when it debuted the latest model in 2018 -- the company said it could do 220 mph -- but still, the record is impressive. What's more interesting is Genovation claims there's more record breaking to come. Might the company already have its eyes set on some other record? It sounds more than likely.

All the power that motivated the car to the world record comes from five battery packs that feed two electric motors. As mentioned, Genovation will even let customers keep the seven-speed manual that GM offers. Otherwise, the eight-speed automatic is the transmission of choice. The multiple gears are said to help quick acceleration and to keep momentum at higher speeds.

Customers should be receiving their GXEs now, if not soon. If there are any build slots still open (just 75 are planned for production), it'll cost a pretty penny. Like, as in 750 million pennies. That's $750,000 for those who don't want to do the math.

This 800hp electric Corvette has a manual transmission

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