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Chrysler will finally tell us its future and show Airflow concept at CES

After years of silence from the brand that sells just two new cars, Chrysler's ready to talk.

Chrysler Airflow concept
Finally, new Chrysler cars.

Chrysler is still here, and it's ready to do more than sell a minivan and a rather old sedan. At CES 2022, the brand plans to show off its Airflow concept we've seen snuck into various places and tell us all about what it plans for its future.

The timing couldn't be better. Parent automaker Stellantis gave Chrysler and Dodge a decade to shape up and show they're worth it, and 10 years is both a lot and not very much time at all. As for the Airflow, Chief Software Officer Yves Bonnefont in December said it's "closer than you think and more than a pure concept." That's a good indicator this will soon be a production car, and perhaps something to kick off the brand's new electric future.

Chrysler said it will share its future electrification strategy and provide a road map for "building on the iconic brand's 96-year-plus reputation for innovative engineering, groundbreaking style and affordable luxury." The word "luxury" could be key. We could finally see Chrysler chase the more premium vibe it's sought for years in a big way with EVs.

The brand's CEO Chris Feuell will deliver the presentation Jan. 5, and all I can say is, it's nice to hear at least something from Chrysler these days.