Chevy's C8 Corvette gets the Rocket Bunny treatment, and the results are epic

The C8 isn't a bad looking car, but Kei Miura's kit adds a lot of much-needed flair to a very restrained design -- for a supercar.

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This is the C8 Corvette, basically perfected.

Rocket Bunny

We all know that Corvettes are the sole province of American dads and that the best way to dress up a Stingray is with a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, a Tommy Bahama shirt and a freshly ironed pair of jorts. What if, though, that didn't have to be the case?

That's a world that Rocket Bunny founder Kei Miura wants to live in, because he's recently decided to apply his fat-fendered formula to Chevy's latest and greatest iteration of America's supercar. The results, friends, are kind of stunning.

The most significant change is to the rear with a massive optional rear wing. It's well integrated and adds a considerable amount of presence to the car, which, in stock form, has a butt too long for its own good. The other changes add a little bit of flavor to the nose, and the side skirts and fender flares just juice up the levels of supercar-ness of the C8.


That wing!

Rocket Bunny

Like all Rocket Bunny/Pandem body kits, this bad boy is not cheap. Frankly, it's not even in the same ballpark as affordable. With the wing, the full kit will set you back $7,000, and that drops to $5,800 without the wing -- but you definitely want the wing. Like most Rocket Bunny kits, this is available in individual pieces, and also like most Rocket Bunny kits, we expect you'll get what you pay for in terms of fit and finish.

We'll be very curious to see how this kit compares to Chevy's own attempts at making a more aggressive-looking C8 when the Z06 makes its inevitable debut. If it's anything like the transition we saw in the C7, there's plenty to be excited about.

We reached out to Rocket Bunny's US distributor to see when these body kits might become available but didn't hear back in time for publication.

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