Chevy's full-scale Lego Silverado is plastic fantastic in Chicago

Even though it has 334,544 bricks, it weighs less than the real truck.

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Something tells me this wouldn't pass a NHTSA crash test.

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Two years ago, Chevrolet unveiled a life-size Lego Batmobile to help celebrate The Lego Batman Movie's debut. Now, with another Lego movie on the horizon, Chevy's back to its old tricks, but with a decidedly trucky twist.

Chevrolet kicked off the 2019 Detroit Auto Show's public days with the debut of a full-scale 2019 Chevy Silverado made of Lego. Cheyv also brought the plastic truck to the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, giving even more Midwesterners a chance to see it. Meant to commemorate the forthcoming launch of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, it's just as wild as the Batmobile was, but it's a little more relevant to everyday life.

Building the model required the help of 18 Lego Master Builders. Over the course of 2,000 hours, the group assembled the 334,544 pieces required to make this 1:1-scale plastic truck in Connecticut. And while the plastic itself is cool, it also sports working lights, which is a nice touch.

The full model weighs 3,307 pounds, which is actually about 1,000 pounds less than the real thing. It's a full 6 feet tall, 20 feet long and 8 feet wide. According to the automaker, the most common brick used in the truck is the 2x8 stud brick in red. The video above shows a time-lapse of the model's construction, showcasing the kind of effort required to build such a model. It's probably still fun, but it's also hard work.

Of course, there's a deeper tie-in than just having fun with bricks. There will be a special "mini-build" of the 2019 Silverado High Country in the forthcoming movie, which opens in theaters on Feb. 8.

Chevy's 1:1 Lego Silverado is more brickup than pickup

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