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ChargePoint to spend $1B for rural EV charging

ChargePoint will work with NATSO to bring the charging stations to rural communities and bolster stations along highways.

ChargePoint EV charging station
More of these are going in more places, America.

Ready or not, electric cars are coming, America. Although range anxiety and a lack of charging stations remain two issues keeping Americans up at night when it comes to switching to the EV life. Now, ChargePoint is taking a major step to remedy the problems. 

The company announced on Thursday that it will partner with NATSO to bring numerous new charging stations to rural America and expand the availability of EV chargers along US highways. NATSO represents the country's travel plazas and truck stops, making it a perfect partner for ChargePoint.

Together, the collaborative effort will see $1 billion sunk into charging infrastructure in rural parts of the country, and it will further expand the network found in all 50 states. And it's important that these investments occur today, especially in rural parts of the country.

ChargePoint cites data showing 40% of new vehicle sales will be electric cars by 2040. All of these cars will need a place to plug in, after all. The $1 billion investment will see charging stations come to 4,000 travel centers and fuel stops. Meanwhile, rural communities will begin to see chargers pop up at fuel stations. Work should wrap up by 2030 as part of this new initiative, and both public and private funds will help bring the charging stations to life -- that includes funds from Volkswagen's dieselgate settlement.

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