CES 2019: Argon Transform makes any bike helmet smart without a fuss

The two-piece attachment will make your bike rides safer thanks to its front and rear cameras.

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The front attachments feature an AR viewer that delivers GPS instructions and a view of what's behind you.

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Unlike the infamous Skully helmet, the Argon Transform works with any helmet and won't cost you a bomb.

Singapore-based startup Whyre believes it has the perfect solution, and the result is the above-mentioned Argon Transform, a dual-camera augmented reality solution that works with any current bike helmet.

Simply stick the rear camera housing to the back of the helmet and attach the augmented vision system to the bottom of the helmet on the front and you're all set. A remote button to control what you see is also included and can be attached to the handlebar of your bike.

Once you've done all that, pair your phone up with the Argon Transform and you're good to go. The unit has built-in GPS, and is capable of displaying navigational instructions so you don't need to look down at your phone. There will also be a simple version without maps, which uses arrows and numbers to tell you when to turn. Whyre said that version tested well with its beta users.


The rear attachment is where the brains of the unit are and where a camera helps to eliminate blind spots. 

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Other features include music playback, a 180-degree rear camera to help eliminate blind spots, black box recording, and an ability to create photo logs for a touring mode that lets the front camera automatically shoot pictures while on a scenic ride.

The Argon Transform has a planned crowdfunding launch sometime in March and will have an expected retail pricing of $680 (or £530 and AU$955 converted).

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