Cadillac Super Cruise subscription prices: Prepare to drop a few hundred bucks

Cadillac shared final prices with Roadshow, and owners who want to keep Super Cruise around can buy the feature with an OnStar bundle or a standalone plan.

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Cadillac Super Cruise
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Cadillac Super Cruise

You'll soon be able to drive hands-off like this in every Cadillac model.


Cadillac provided some much-needed clarity surrounding its impressive Super Cruise hands-free highway driving assistant. After a couple weeks of confusing news back in August, Cadillac shared final prices with Roadshow on Friday, and the technology will cost drivers $25 a month.

That's a total of $300 a year if you want your Cadillac to handle many highway driving tasks without putting a hand on the wheel. It's also, frankly, a little steep. Then again, Super Cruise is a darn good system. A Cadillac spokesperson added owners will be able to bundle Super Cruise capability with "select OnStar and Connected Services bundles for an additional $15 per month."

If you let the system's three-year free trial expire, the car's adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist systems will still work normally, but all Super Cruise functions will deactivate. Surely, there will be some sort of alert noting the hands-free highways driving assistant requires a payment -- a trend we're really not fans of at Roadshow.

With payment, General Motors activates map updates and the "precise GPS corrections required for Super Cruise to function," the spokesperson added. It also allows the car to contact OnStar in the event a driver doesn't respond to a series of alerts asking them to retake control of the car.

If you're wondering when Super Cruise became a subscription service, Cadillac told us previously it made the decision last year. Originally, we were all under the impression the function was built into the car for life when the technology debuted with the now-defunct Cadillac CT6. Instead, Cadillac changed its plan and will provide three years of service moving forward on all new Cadillacs. Those who fit the early adopter criteria (by buying one of the first CT6 sedans equipped with Super Cruise) get one extra complimentary year on Cadillac. Those owners won't need to cough up any cash until next year now.

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