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2018 Cadillac CT6 owners get extended Super Cruise trial, report says

How the does the whole subscription deal for Super Cruise work? We still have no solid answers.

One more year of Super Cruise on Cadillac for OG CT6 owners.
Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Earlier this week, we learned those running Cadillac's partially automated Super Cruise driver-assist system will not have access for life. Instead, Cadillac plans to begin a subscription for the service after three years, and we have zero concrete details about how it all works.

Now, according to a Friday report from Motor1, the brand will extend the three-year trial for Super Cruise for an extra year to "helpful adopters" of the technology. Those are original owners of the 2018 Cadillac CT6, the now-departed sedan that Super Cruise launched with.

A Cadillac spokesperson told the website this decision was made last year, though the company's been awfully quiet about the Super Cruise subscription in general. Cadillac previously did not return Roadshow's request for comment when asked how much the subscription will cost. Nor did the brand immediately respond to a request for comment surrounding today's news.

So, it sounds like Super Cruise was always intended to move to a subscription model. Why it popped into the new cycle recently is because the first CT6 sedans delivered will soon turn three years old next month. However, they'll be spared from subscription fees for another year with this decision. Going forward, any Cadillac car outfitted with Super Cruise will have three years for free and then need to pay an undisclosed amount.

Those who decide to let the subscription expire in the future will not have access to the hands-free highway driving feature. But, the cars' adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist systems will still work normally.

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