Cadillac owners can now find and book parking through the infotainment system

It's all thanks to the system's online Marketplace app bazaar.

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Trying to find a good spot can be a real bear, so Cadillac's new ParkWhiz integration should help reduce that frustration.


General Motors has steadily added a variety of features to its Marketplace in-car app store. Whether it involves ordering pizza or reserving a table somewhere, Marketplace can make it happen through the infotainment system with minimal distraction. Now, it's out to make parking easier for owners.

Cadillac on Friday announced that has added ParkWhiz parking compatibility to its infotainment system's Marketplace. This new app will let Cadillac users in qualified vehicles find, book, and pay for parking. It doesn't work for literally every parking space, but ParkWhiz has hookups with thousands of spaces across 250 US cities.

Here's how it works. Using ParkWhiz' website or mobile app, Cadillac owners will need to set up an account, including payment information and some basic vehicle details (make, model, license plate number, that kind of stuff). After linking that account to the vehicle through the in-car Marketplace app, folks are free to start looking for parking.

Don't expect it to work on your '91 Allanté, though. Cadillac's Marketplace is only available on vehicles from the 2017 model year or newer, and it needs an active data plan through the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. According to Cadillac, that covers about 325,000 vehicles.

Earlier this summer, GM added Domino's to Marketplace, allowing people to order saved pizza configurations through the infotainment system. Buick rolled out Yelp integration in late 2018, giving people the chance to book table reservations in the car -- no writing reviews from behind the wheel, though. Soon enough, GM won't be the only domestic automaker in town with these capabilities, as Fiat Chrysler has similar functionality planned for the next iteration of its Uconnect telematics.

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