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Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV will usher in luxury brand's electric era this August

The electric SUV was meant to debut earlier this year, but Cadillac rescheduled the event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This spring, we were supposed to see many a new car debut in person, but the coronavirus pandemic pressed the pause button indefinitely as automakers focused on the health and safety of employees. Now, as automakers are once again building cars and back to work, we're seeing a flood of upcoming electric vehicle debuts scheduled.

Add the Cadillac Lyriq to that list.

After General Motors' luxury division postponed the April 2 event that was meant to reveal the electric SUV, Cadillac said Thursday it will show the Lyriq to the world on Aug. 6. Unlike the original event, this will be totally digital with livestreams so everyone can see the Lyriq.

The Lyriq's been a long time coming after the first teasers emerged back in January 2019. We noticed some seriously sharp lines, but since then, we haven't learned much else about the electric SUV. It should, however, be one of the first electric vehicles from GM to ride on the automaker's BEV3 platform, which supports the automaker's Ultium battery technology -- basically the gear GM will use to try and hunt Tesla.


The teaser video attached to Thursday's announcement doesn't show us too much else either, though we did enhance a supplied photo to try and get a better look at the Lyriq from the side. There's a long hood with a traditional-looking greenhouse and what looks like a very wild taillight design paired with some intriguing C- and D-pillar design. Notably, all the images of the Lyriq in the video describe it as a "show car," so we may not be looking at a production vehicle.

GM executives have described Cadillac's move to spearhead the electric era as the luxury brand's final shot at a proper rebirth, so there's likely a lot riding on the Lyriq. Stay tuned for more teasers in July before we see the Lyriq debut in August.

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