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Bugatti launches Sur Mesure program for personalized hypercars

As a response to increased customer demand, Bugatti has created a dedicated division for bespoke commissions.

This Chiron is Bugatti's first creation through its bespoke division.

If you're dropping over $3 million on a Bugatti hypercar, the world is your oyster when it comes to spec. The brand's customer-only configurator has dozens of options for colors, trims and styling elements, and if you can't find what you like in the regular options list Bugatti will create pretty much whatever you want. Usually that entails a special color combination, custom interior embroidery or other relatively minor things. But that's increasingly becoming not enough for many Bugatti customers, so the brand is launching a dedicated program for truly bespoke builds called Sur Mesure.

We've seen a number of custom one-offs from Bugatti before, like the Divo Lady Bug that took 18 months to paint, so what Sur Mesure does isn't exactly new -- it's just an official expansion of the bespoke build capabilities that have already been offered to Bugatti's most dedicated customers. Through Sur Mesure, which means "tailored" in French, customers will work one-on-one with Bugatti's design and production teams to develop their dream cars.

The hand-painted gradient pattern is incredible.


To showcase what Sur Mesure can do, Bugatti released images of a fantastic Chiron Pur Sport developed through the program. Called the Grand Prix, this Chiron was inspired by the Bugatti Type 31 that Louis Chiron and Achille Varzi piloted to victory at the 1931 French Grand Prix. The exterior colors were created just for this car, paying homage to race cars from the '20s and '30s, and the hand-painted number 32 on the doors is the same racing number used by Chiron.

The front and rear fenders feature a spectacular hand-painted EB pattern that fades into the red accents, and the Alcantara door panels on the interior have a layered, hand-stitched pattern to match -- both of which required the Sur Mesure team to develop new production processes to accomplish. The interior also has a hand-painted inscription in a unique black anodized aluminum center console inlay, special door sills and headrest stitching, and other subtle touches.

Out of the 500 total Chirons that will be built only around 40 slots are currently left, all of which are for the Pur Sport and Super Sport models. Some of those are certain to be Sur Mesure builds, but where the program should get really exciting is with Bugatti's next-generation hypercar. While we know almost nothing about the Chiron's replacement -- what form it will take, what it will be powered by, etc. -- we know it will be developed with Rimac as part of a new joint venture, and it will almost certainly be Bugatti's most customizable vehicle yet. And while Bugatti gave no mention to true one-off creations like La Voiture Noire, the Sur Mesure division will surely be working on coach-built commissions as well.

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