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Kitty Hawk and Boeing are teaming up on flying cars

Pairing a clever company like Kitty Hawk with a massive company like Boeing could make for a dream team.

Kitty Hawk's new partnership with Boeing could help get the Cora air taxi project in the air a lot sooner than expected.
Kitty Hawk

Boeing is just about the biggest name in aerospace, despite some recent troubles, but if it's going to survive against the likes of Airbus, it's going to need to find some new ventures to invest in. That's where Kitty Hawk comes in.

Kitty Hawk is -- as sharp-eyed readers of Roadshow will note -- a flying car company founded by Google co-founder Larry Page, and it needs a partner with the expertise and resources to help get its urban flying vehicle dreams off the ground.

That's why the two companies are forming a strategic partnership that may give both companies a considerable head start over other flying car/air taxi projects, such as UberAir and Bell Nexus

"Kitty Hawk was started to advance technology in flight and bring new innovations to life," said Sebastian Thrun, co-founder and CEO of Kitty Hawk. "I am excited about our companies working together to accelerate making safe electric flight a reality."

Right now, Kitty Hawk has two vehicles in its lineup -- the Kitty Hawk Flyer, which hovers 10 feet above the ground and goes about 20 miles per hour, and the Cora, an electric two-person air taxi that's destined to get its inaugural test in New Zealand.

Boeing is, well, Boeing. If you've been on an airplane in the US, you've probably been on one of its planes.

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