BMW teases Vision iNext concept's neon buckteeth

This faux-grille thing is getting a little ridiculous.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

BMW first teased its Vision iNext concept in May with a vague silhouette. Now that a new teaser video gives us a better look at the car, I'm left wondering whether the world was better off not seeing it.

BMW put out a video teaser for its upcoming Vision iNext electric concept. I spy plenty of design elements that have popped up in other recent concept, like its razor-thin headlights and aggressive sculpting in the front fascia. And then there's the grille.

One of BMW's trademark designs is its "kidney" grille, which has been present on BMW's vehicles for decades. But since electric vehicles don't need that much airflow through the front end, BMW has clearly decided to give the faux grille as much real estate as it wants -- enough to where it looks like a set of buckteeth. It won't be hard for Boris and Natasha to find Rocky, although Bullwinkle might still be tricky.

Thankfully, any production model that spawns from this car has some time to get its grille in order. BMW's Vision concepts usually preview pie-in-the-sky thinking, whereas concepts with Concept in the name are usually closer to production -- like the Concept iX3, which previews an electric crossover with a much more palatable front end. I'm hoping for a little more iX3 and a little less Vision Dynamics.

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