BMW i Vision Dynamics concept is a 373-mile EV that's a bit homely

It'll hit 62 mph in less than 4 seconds, so you won't have to look at it for very long.

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BMW has been thinking about where its brand will go over the next 100 years, as evidenced by its Vision Next 100 concept. But its latest concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show brings that timeline down to a more sensible scale.

The BMW i Vision Dynamics concept "offers a look ahead" to the near future of its electrified offerings with a vehicle that could soon slot between the i3 and the i8. It's a capable performer, and while there are many interesting elements across its body, it's not exactly the prettiest concept here in Frankfurt.

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That grille... yeesh.


Unique style elements include a blacked-out B-pillar that gives the side windows a look of seamlessness, which is a fun little spin on the modern trend of blacking out C-pillars to give the roof a "floating" look. The windscreen also blends right into the roof, making the car look more glass than steel -- on the top half, at least. The headlights are sharp, but the whole rear end is a bit over-sculpted.

The biggest problem with the concept is up front. BMW decided to shellac a modified set of its classic kidney "grilles" on the front of the car. The only problem is, electric cars don't really need the same kind of airflow through the front end that modern gas cars do, so it ends up looking both tacked-on and tacky. I understand that it's been a staple of BMW design for decades, but maybe it's time to move on.

Under the body is a battery-electric drivetrain that provides a range of 373 miles, likely measured by the European standard, which is a bit more generous than the US EPA's test regimen. The top speed is over 120 mph, but it'll hit 62 mph in less than 4 seconds, which is rather quick.

When it comes to production, it'll likely carry a far more toned-down appearance. For now, it's just a hint of things to come.

BMW's Vision Dynamics concept is the shape of things to come

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