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BMW teases design concept for iNext electric car

The concept will debut this year, but the car won’t go into production until 2021.

BMW's iNext EV will be shown in "Vision" concept form later this year.


BMW plans to launch 13 full-electric cars by 2025, and this teaser image provides an early hint as to the shape of one of them. The design sketch shows off a concept version of the iNext, which will be shown this year as a "Vision" concept and begins production in three years' time.

In BMW's terminology, Vision concepts tend to be slightly further from production and more imaginative, whereas "Concept" models are much more realistic previews of upcoming models. Most recently, BMW previewed its EV future with the i Vision Dynamics concept at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show. Compared with that somewhat homely sedanlike shape, though, this iNext concept more closely resembles a crossover, perhaps evoking the design of the Jaguar I-Pace.

In addition to being all-electric, BMW says the iNext will be capable of "highly automated driving." That follows an announcement last year that the company would launch cars able to drive themselves on the highway by 2021.

BMW expects 15 to 25 percent of its new vehicle sales to be electric models by 2025. The iNext will be a key part of that rollout once it begins production at the company's Dingolfing, Germany, plant in 2021. Another step on the plan is an all-electric X3 SUV due in 2020, recently previewed by the Concept iX3.