BMW teases 8 Series convertible we all knew was coming

It's currently stretching its legs in the desert as part of its hot-weather testing regimen.

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Man, I wish I got paid to hang out in the warm weather and drive convertibles all day.


When BMW unveiled the 8 Series coupe earlier this year, it was all but a given that BMW would follow it up with a drop-top variant for soaking up that summer sun. And what do you know, BMW is currently teasing exactly that.

BMW threw out some teasers of its upcoming 8 Series convertible. Its latest convertible is currently on the road between Las Vegas and Death Valley to see how well the vehicle can handle the heat. This road has it all -- temperatures north of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, annoying traffic and a boatload of dust.

It's not just driving, either. BMW will leave its convertibles to bake in the heat for hours before coming back to see how well the displays, sensors, electronics and climate control still work. The company also sent people out to the Hoover Dam, where they made sure the electronics weren't affected by the electromagnetic waves from the dam's turbines.

It wouldn't be obscene to assume that the convertible will come with most of the same layout as its fixed-roof sibling, albeit with a fabric soft top. The first variant to hit the US will be the M850i, which packs a 523-horsepower, twin-turbocharged V8 and standard all-wheel drive. Given its flagship position, it's loaded with standard equipment, including adaptive suspension, four-wheel steering and BMW's latest iteration of its infotainment system. Expect a starting price higher than the 8 Series coupe's $111,900 sticker.

BMW hasn't yet said when the 8 Series convertible would make its public debut, but considering the coupe is already out in the open, it could reasonably take place as early as the Paris Motor Show in October, although the LA Auto Show in late November might be a more fitting location for a convertible.

BMW 8 Series convertible teased in the summer heat

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